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Review From Trip Advisor  |  9/5/2014
The wings are delicious

Large variety of wings to choose from. Other food items of interest I want to try. Great service. Will be back soon. Location is in a busy section of HWY 6.

-Trip Advisor

Review From Facebook  |  7/17/2017

There’s a drive through. And it’s wings n more. Enough said.

-Jewel Benn

Review From Facebook  |  9/1/2017

Last night my family couldn’t find anything to eat due to all of the restaurants being closed because of Hurricane Harvey. I couldn’t cook because our hotel doesn’t have a kitchen. My main concern was feeding my children. As we drove down Hwy 6 literally everything was closed except for your restaurant. Thank you so much for being open so that my children didn’t have to go to bed hungry.

-Tara Hill

Review From Facebook  |  9/7/2017

My go to Wings. Don’t know why I try finding others that I like just as much. They never measure up, which makes me sad.. I hate leaving a wing behind!

-Casey Lee Reid

Review From Yelp  |  4/30/2017

This is probably my favorite wing place to come to. They have so many TV’s and they play pretty much every major PPV event you can imagine. I came here today for a couple beers and a wing basket. Which I have to say was as good as it always is when I come here. And my server Shawn was very attentive and I never had to wave him down for anything. Great place. 🙂

-Steven C.


8400 HWY 6 North Houston, TX 77095